C - Field 7

Bid Service Overview:

Requested Bid Services – Phase C: Field 7 

  • Remove the existing parking curb and install a new parking curb that establishes end of Field 7 and new parking area. 
  • Run electrical conduit from northwest section of indoor facility to field 7 with sufficient load capacity to accommodate outdoor LED lighting, digital scoreboard, video broadcast, hi-speed wi-fi, video surveillance and data analytics systems. 
  • Install new chain link fence matching existing 8’ fence that will be repurposed to enclose Field 5 & 6 include vehicle access at north-west section of field. 
  • Remove entire or a portion of concrete ramp to accommodate the length of synthetic turf field.   
  • Remove top layer of parking asphalt to accommodate Field 7 synthetic turf.   
  • Run adequate conduit across the west section of indoor facility to field 7 to accommodate electrical, water, video broadcasting, etc. for all current and future utility needs. 
  • Resurface and grade site in accordance to master drainage plan. 
  • Design and install an LED lighting for 210” x 360” multi-sport outdoor field with a 4 pole design using 2 poles from Field 6 to offset costs.   
  • Design and install a 210” x 360” multi-sport outdoor synthetic turf field with inlay turf lines for: football, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, rugby taking into consideration drainage from master site plan.